LSTK Dayfly

The typeface LSTK Dayfly was created in a little more than a day at the OPEN OFFICE event at VIENNA DESIGN WEEK. 

The name "dayfly" derives from the word "mayfly", an insect that lives for the average of a day only. Releasing the font to the public, even though still being in early stages of prototyping, questions the reality of the loss of craftsmanship to industrialised processes and production techniques and raises an important question: What can be achieved in a day?

Read more about our process here:



LSTK Dayfly v2 

(.OTF format)

Refined with Prototypo v2 with the help of the lovely team of Prototypo.

LSTK Dayfly Prototype

(.OTF format)

Disclaimer: This font is a prototype. Certain parameters such as kerning and linespacing are still in early stages of development. Remember we made this in 24 hours only. Use at your own risk.